Ep 103: “Viewing Angles x Homily of Horrors”

Our first crossover episode! Thanks to the “Homily of Horrors” podcast for letting us be a part of their unholy sermon. Tune in this week to hear us raise some hell while reviewing the Clive Barker Classic, Hellraiser.

Check out the Homily of Horrors here: https://open.spotify.com/show/34IwKQApL4GWB2bibbQA4C?si=8nO5gkwaSie7S4wzlzTg_A

Ep 69: “Ford v Ferrari: Dawn of Car – Le Mans Edition”

We’re back with a review of your dad’s new favorite movie. Tune in this week for a review of Ford v Ferrari and a solid 20 minutes of rigorous car talk.

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Music by Vexento