Ep 7: “We Solved the Bible, it’s Star Wars”

Laptop mic special! Dan forgot to use his good mic for the first half of the podcast but got his act together just in time for the review. Dan & Robert talk First Reformed and what movies Jesus would like to watch. 

Ep 6: “F*** the Sith, F*** the Jedi, I’m a Libertarian Now”

Star Wars time! Dan & Robert discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story, and why Return of the Jedi isn’t as good as everyone thinks. Spoilers for Solo from 48:10 to 55:20.Intro and Outro music by Vexento

Ep 5: “It’s Very Violent Vaudeville”

Dan & Robert both saw Deadpool 2 and boy are there a lot of laugh breaks. The 50th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey prompts a classic review as Dan watched an original print in the theaters. Intro and Outro music by Vexento.

Ep 4: “You Could Put Tom Cruise in a Food Processor and I’d Watch That”

This week! Dan & Robert talk about the new Wes Anderson movie Isle of Dogs, and where it ranks in his filmography. We also discuss Tom Cruise’s face. Intro and Outro music by Vexento.