Ep 8: “It’s The Cinematic Equivalent Of 9/11”

Boy, this episode is a real humdinger. Dan and Robert talk a lot of trailers before digging into one of the scariest films of the past decade, Hereditary. The boys then highlight some of their favorite debut feature films in honor of Ari Aster’s horrifying debut. Robert talks about magical farting corpses, Dan’s voice cracks, and they both think Chris Pratt needs to step up his game. Subscribe to us on your favorite podcast service to stay up to date on our hottest takes.


Music by Vexento


Ep 7: “We Solved the Bible, it’s Star Wars”

Laptop mic special! Dan forgot to use his good mic for the first half of the podcast but got his act together just in time for the review. Dan & Robert talk First Reformed and what movies Jesus would like to watch.