Ep 104: “Viewing Angles x Awkward Pause”

Hell yeah it’s another crossover episode! The boys hang out with their good friends at the Awkward Pause podcast house to talk about movies, Armie Hammer’s cannibalistic tendencies, and a random assortment of other bullshit. Check out Awkward Pause on Spotify, and thanks to Sam for editing this episode!

Ep 103: “Viewing Angles x Homily of Horrors”

Our first crossover episode! Thanks to the “Homily of Horrors” podcast for letting us be a part of their unholy sermon. Tune in this week to hear us raise some hell while reviewing the Clive Barker Classic, Hellraiser.

Check out the Homily of Horrors here: https://open.spotify.com/show/34IwKQApL4GWB2bibbQA4C?si=8nO5gkwaSie7S4wzlzTg_A