Ep 48: “It’s Not About The Journey, But The SHAZAMS You Make Along The Way”

Is it pronounced Zachary Levi or Zachary Levi? Tune in this week for an electrifying review of SHAZAM! and an in-depth discussion of that new Joker trailer.

Robert’s internet wasn’t stable, but we left the awkward pauses in because we’re honest like that.

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Music by Vexento


Ep 39: “My Appreciation For This Movie Has Completely EVAPORATED”

Movie news, Batman casting proposals, and an in-depth critique of the new Netflix film Velvet Buzzsaw. What more could you ask for? Listen to us on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7wppVfpKbBOXGLg1RYeUJB?si=OISddYKOQTuGykkNPjsxow

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Music by Vexento